Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this project founded?

The project was founded with the intent of launching the world's first crypto-ready messenger economy platform that gives free crypto on each transaction. The first of its kind Fintech and Crypto venture offering payments, e-commerce and crypto payment experience via messaging applications. The project has the leading messenger service on WhatsApp which is by far the most used messaging platform in the world.

Is there demand for the platform and thus the utility token?

We are not able to provide forward-looking statements, however, we can assure you that the company is indeed in active discussions with both private and public sector organizations who are very interested in using the service. The discussions with public sectors are happening at confidential levels under NDA due to the innovation and taking the advantage of first movers.

What utility does the MFIN utility token provide to users?

  1. The MFIN coin enables the utilization of the payment service. Businesses will need a certain amount of MFIN coin to enable messages directly with consumers. The intrinsic value of the direct relationship between consumer and businesses will provide dividends for both parties forever.
  2. Consumers can earn Free MuffinCoin ($MFIN) by paying Bills, School fee, Utility bills, Telephone top-ups via Messengers. After earning free MuffinCoin, the consumers can use this further to use for Bill Payments, shopping to our partner websites and retail stores or simply trade with other cryptos.

How quickly will I get my tokens that I purchased within the pre-sale?

The tokens will be assigned to you via TrustSwap. This service will act as an escrow agent for all parties. The team is paying for this service for all private sale token holders to ensure you feel as if your token allocations are safe and secure. Furthermore, this service will automatically release tokens in accordance with the published vesting schedules.

Where will this token be listed?

The token will initially be available via decentralized exchanges such as PinkcakeSwap, etc. We are currently working with several centralized exchanges (such as Coinbase, Binance, etc.) to have our token trading on their platforms as well. We expect to have MFIN listed on at least one of these exchanges within 2023.

Who are the competitors to MuffinPay?

Currently this is pretty new space as we are leveraging the First mover advantage. There will be Payments and Fintech companies who will be looking to integrate Crypto to Payments will be coming as a competitor for MuffinPay.

Who is on the MuffinPay team and what is their experience?

  1. We are a global team of founders, advisors, and experts that are all driven to enable a closer connection between business and consumers by making the interaction and payment experience seamless and enjoyable. Better yet, we have built the experience on the most used messaging platform in the world: WhatsApp.
  2. MuffinPay founders and technology team has over 7 years of Fintech experience. They have earlier built Payment Wallet as the Exioms. It was launched in several geographies. It enabled telecom companies like Etisalat, MTN, Roshan Telecom to build distribution networks using Exioms Wallet. It is Enterprise grade White Label wallets that works with Telecom and for Retail.
  3. Founders have built another Crypto & Blockchain advisory venture called Thinkchain, founded in 2016. It has delivered over 20 ICO projects and built several blockchain products also. They became TechMahindra ($5.2 Billion Global IT company) for blockchain project development and implementations.

How do I learn more about the tokenomics of the project?

Feel free to learn more about the tokenomics via the MuffinPay website here:

What if I need help or have additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to our team at : or via Telegram:

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