World's First Bill Payment & utility token for the billion+ people on messenger platforms

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A sneak peek into the future of Payments

Now get the most seamlessly connected, fast, secure and lowest ever cost payment experience on your favourite messaging app.

Crypto-Ready Payments

World’s First Crypto-Ready Messengers platform that gets you free crypto on each transaction

Crypto-Ready Payments

Messenger Payments

Increase impact of your messaging campaigns by embedding payment links and buttons

Messenger Commerce

Customers can shop & make payments within the conversational flow

MuffinCoin = Bill Payment Utility Token

Digital payments in India are expected to increase over three-folds to Rs 7,092 trillion (US$ 100.61 trillion) by 2025.

MuffinCoin $MFIN limited supply token = 235 Million

MuffinCoin increases in value as number of Gross transactional volume (GTV) increases

Total volume of bill payments in $USD

Enter a minimum value of 235M $USD

1 MuffinCoin     =

MuffinCoin value projections over time

MuffinCoin value based on assumptions of doing $20 Billion+ worth of bill payments.

* The chart shows our objectives. Success can never be guaranteed.

Enabled by easiest 3-Click Payments

Get the most seamless, Faster. Safer. More Connected. Lowest cost Payment experience ever on your messengers

Click or Scan to your official Messenger account

Select the preferred UPI app installed on your mobile

Complete your transactions

Lowest cost Payment experience ever on your messengers

Democratising Payments with World-class features

MuffinPay 🧁 is world's first 🥇 of kind Fintech & Crypto venture that offers Payments 💳, ecommerce 🛍️ and Crypto ₿ payment experience via messenger. We give Crypto rewards on each transaction.

Contactless Payments

Covers pandemic including Covid-19 treatments

Unique VPA for every bill

Simplify reconciliations, avoid double credits

3-click payments

No VPA entry, No app switching, No drop-offs

Data localization compliant

All data is encrypted end to end and complies with data localization norms

Advanced analytics and reports

Access rich analytics and reporting including link tracking, delivery and read receipts

MuffinPay Messenger Payment Advantage

Bank Grade security - Backend Architecture ISO27001 certified and InfoSec compliant

AI Engine to automatically fetch payment details

Our UPI based payment messages are 60%* cheaper than any conventional payment gateways

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